[Tuk 01] Kirill Platonkin – Stampede

Stampede is the first release on Tukuringra Netlabel. Stampede consists of 3 tracks, which are of drone ambient style with field recordings. The whole atmosphere resembles “Our Eternal Alarm” (published on Dark Winter label), but here this Alarm turns into action – Stampede, the phase, when humanity starts to escape from the hell, created by the same humanity.

Cover art: Anton Panichenko


1. Halo (10:51)

2. Volatilization (11:11)

3. Stampede (25:41)

DOWNLOAD (Multiupload)

DOWNLOAD (Archive.org)

Лицензия Creative Commons

3 responses to “[Tuk 01] Kirill Platonkin – Stampede

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  2. I downloaded this last night (on a recommendation from Disquiet) and could tell from the first few seconds that I would really like it. Thank you!
    It reminds me of early Stars Of The Lid, which is high praise to me 🙂

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