[Tuk 02] Kirill Platonkin – Inclinations

The second release on Tukuringra, “Inclinations” is devoted to ecological issues of human activity. Extinction of animals, climatic anomalies, armed conflicts, crises, volcanism, different strange omens – all this moved me to write this album. The third track, “Black Snow”, is based on a recent event in my native town, when to struggle against ice-slick, local administration made a decision to spill  slag on the roads. In a flash our town became black, as if it endured bombing, or use of some other weapon. Besides harm to physical health, this event much influenced the psychic state of the citizens – there is nothing pleasant in observing muddy, sullen streets. However, in the other hand, exactly this very environment inspires to write dark ambient music. The technical side of the album is represented by guitar sounds, flutes and xylophone.



2.Star Flute

3.Black Snow

DOWNLOAD “Inclinations”

DOWNLOAD (Archive.org)

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4 responses to “[Tuk 02] Kirill Platonkin – Inclinations

  1. James Friedman

    I’ve enjoyed your work that is published on darkwinter.com – this albume is more of the wonderful audio experience provided by kirill platonkin – Thank you !!!

  2. кайфовый музон

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