[Tuk 03] Kirill Platonkin – Permanent Instability Of Circumstances

This album, “Permanent Instability Of Circumstances”, is a product of long reflections during the period of time, when a young man faces the grown-up reality, and when he doesn’t want to enter this hypocritical world, full of cruelty and lie. He clings to the vanishing mental flashes of childhood, islands of beauty, serenity, constant amazement and ability to see miracles, which surround us. The new world is a dangerous place, where he can survive, only if he would preserve his initial spiritual innocence. The motto of the album or the message may sound as follows: “Look mature, act wisely, think newborn” – to stay alive in modern world you should be like a spy in the strange land, going underground for the sake of the individual psychic freedom. This album is not dark, as it may seem – it is somewhere between dark and light sides of the Being. “Permanent Instability Of Circumstances” is dedicated to a place to the north-east of Hagenow, Germany, called Sudenhof, where I spent the first 5 years of my
life, which occured to be the most magic in my life. The sounding is more synthetic, though guitar drones and field recordings are not forgotten. Also, the last recording “Stop The Time” is some kind of a summary of different styles, a song of “drone rock” style. So, take care of your inner light of childhood, because in such a case all the troubles will be very useful, hardening your spirit.

1.Saving Childhood (3:39)

2.Locator (3:46)

3.Lift (3:04)

4.Permanent Instability Of Circumstances (4:02)

5.Obstacle (6:03)

6.The Last Day Of Nicholas II (4:05)

7.Placid Glade (5:49)

8.Stop The Time (6:24)

Total time: 36 minutes 52 seconds, size – 70.91 MB, 320 kbps

DOWNLOAD (Archive.org)

Лицензия Creative Commons

One response to “[Tuk 03] Kirill Platonkin – Permanent Instability Of Circumstances

  1. This has a great sound. I especially like the last track. Thanks 🙂

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