[Tuk 05] Kirill Platonkin – Conduit

May on Tukuringra Netlabel starts with the 5th release – “Conduit”. It is a darker and sadder one, tending to be more experimental.

1. Visionary (5:16)
2. Crimson Moon (3:18)
3. Glaring Stone (6:35)
4. Conduit (7:36)
5. Floe (14:04)
6. Kuenga Station (8:14)
7. The Guest (7:46)

Total duration 52 minutes 49 seconds, Format – MP3, 320kpbs


Лицензия Creative Commons

One response to “[Tuk 05] Kirill Platonkin – Conduit

  1. You’re releasing these faster than I can absorb them! 🙂 I’m still playing “Stampede” and “Our Eternal Alarm” a lot. But don’t stop — I’ll get to the new ones eventually…

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