[Tuk 08] Kirill Platonkin – Psychic Transport

The idea of “Psychic Transport” was born in a dream, where people were like shiny beams, moving to and fro in space, reincarnating in different worlds and in different forms. Men and Women turned out to be the portals for new spirits’ arrival on Earth. Furthermore, the whole atmosphere is much influenced by Bardo Todol, a guidebook for released souls, who should seek for effervescent and dazzling light, and avoid soft light sources – to get closer to really Better World. So, this album is an attempt to look into the unknown depths of the Other Side.


1. Effervescent Light Of Beyond (6:06)
2. Exfoliation of Illusions (4:06)
3. Metempsychosis (8:18)
4. Psychic Transport* (4:06)
5. We Fly (12:07)

*There is a misprint in the download version. The right variant is “psychic transport”, not “psychis“.

Total time: 34:43

Bit rate – 320 kbps


Лицензия Creative Commons

3 responses to “[Tuk 08] Kirill Platonkin – Psychic Transport

  1. This is quality music. Anyone into beautiful ambient drone – you will not be disappointed.

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  3. ForeignDiplomat

    One of the most refreshing drone works I’d heard in a long time, at the time I found this… Psychic Transport is still a gem, in my opinion… Particularly, the title track… It’s all so emotionless, whilst simultaneously bursting with dramatic effect…

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