[Tuk 10] Kirill Platonkin – Rainbow Depression

August has come. Nice time for being philosophical and meditative, to sum up everything and to have a look around. This album – “Rainbow Depression” is initially the music for submerging into the depths of inner world. Our life is full of different events – bad and good, but we must find strength and energy to continue our flight across time-space, not getting stuck in the web of illusions. Choose the middle road between happiness and sorrow. If you want of course.

Thanks to Brenislav for cover picture, and thanks to everybody who supported me and who disturbed me. God bless you all.


1)Don’t Let The Sorrow Make You Stop

2)Don’t Let The Joy Make You Blind

3)Rainbow Depression


More download options on Archive.org

Лицензия Creative Commons

One response to “[Tuk 10] Kirill Platonkin – Rainbow Depression

  1. I am much richer for having discovered your music. Count on it echoing in rooms I occupy for many years to come. Thank you.

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