[Tuk 15] Kirill Platonkin – Hidden Path

Sometimes we see it. We see it among the everyday reality. It is sure to exist – the Hidden Path. The Hidden Path to our brightest and clearest dreams. Don’t lose it.  Make this Path visible to yourselves, and make it hidden to the others. It is your own way.  This album is based on processed guitar drones, and for the first time violin sounds are used (“Frozen Flood Plain”). Also some sounds, born in an experiment were used (“Tamer Of Magnetic Storms”), when synth sounds from a computer were recorded, through a MIDI-keyboard, on the same computer, when an endless feedback was produced.  Dark ambient atmospheres alternate with light and tranquil ambient ones to create some kind of a balance.  Also you can find here different themes – from solar physics, poetic depictions of landscapes, to a kind of a tribute to Tove Jansson’s hero of Snufkin – a symbol of travelling across outer and inner worlds. So, make a journey through your Hidden Paths.


1)Hidden Path (5:57)

2)Cold Sky (17:08)

3)Frozen Flood Plain (5:00)

4)Gentle Pine Embrace (4:26)

5)Kink (11:08)

6)Tamer Of Magnetic Storms (6:25)

7)Stunned By The Stars (11:11)

8)Snufkin Returns To Moominland (10:05)

Total time: 1 hour, 11 minutes, 20 seconds. Bitrate: 320 kbps.

Download the whole album as a ZIP archive
More download options and preview on Archive.org

Лицензия Creative Commons

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