[Tuk 20] Kirill Platonkin – When Sound Is Turning Into Light

The main idea of the album is, that sometimes music and some sounds achieve that sort of condition, when they got into transition between sound and light. It is not the plain son et lumière, but it is some kind of not-of-this-dimension energetic phenomenon. The sound gets enlightened. It sends shivers down your spine. In this release I made an attempt, be it successful or not, to imprint such feelings. Don’t judge too strictly – it is a subjective approach.  Just let your minds flow to beauty, relief and inner concord. Stop doing vain things. Do what you really need in the name of lucidity.

P.S. This release appears to be the last release on Tukuringra netlabel. Since this very moment Tukuringra’s activity is put to an end, as well as the rest of my releasing activity (with the exception of some pending submissions on other labels) . If there will be any new music, it will be released under different names, and it will be done anonymously.  However, I strongly doubt about any new music from me. The project “Kirill Platonkin” is closed. Thank you all for your kind thoughts, words and your subtle warming presence in the field of my consciousness.

Download as a ZIP

Download and preview on Archive.org

Cover art: Pyracantha Studios

Лицензия Creative Commons

One response to “[Tuk 20] Kirill Platonkin – When Sound Is Turning Into Light

  1. The end of an era. But, what a great legacy. The collection of albums released under Tukuringra have been amazing. I’ve enjoyed all of them.

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