[Tuk 24] Kirill Platonkin – Wrapped In Rainbow

This is a new set of sound rags, rags of different moods, colours and directions – made of different sources – guitar, scanning device, heating system, human whistling and what not.

Thanks to my father and mother, Mark Dymond, Dean Richards, Vsevolod Botvinnik (Timoneus), Thomas Jackson Park, Mohandas Ghandi, Egor Letov, Dmitry Kudryashov, Sebi Oliwa, Ilya Sakovsky, Bruno De Angelis, Kevin Nelson, AntiM, Altocumulus, John Tochter, Kyshtym humanoid, Athena, Peter Kropotkin, Grigory Zinchenko, Levi Primo, Viktor Frankl, James Bolivar DiGriz, Scutigera, Prot, Snufkin, Arthur Barnhouse and Guy Montag. I am sorry, that I didn’t thank all of you before – but I do it all the time in my mind.


1) Fatal Eutrophication (4:27)
2) Invisible Strings (11:16)
3) Murrain (5:59)
4) Prophetic Dream (7:04)
5) Rush Of Green (4:31)
6) Soaring Radiolaria (9:20)
7) The Firebird (7:31)
8) Wrapped In Rainbow (5:51)

Total time: 55:59; 320 kbps.

Preview and download (Archive.org)

Лицензия Creative Commons

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