[Tuk 30] Kirill Platonkin – Ephemeron


Ephemeron is a result of a long period of searching of new sound. I used a lot of instruments ans sound sources – musical instruments, household devices, kitchen utensils, chest expanders, wrenches, springs, tube closing plugs, voice, and so on. “A Shiny Dream For Sasha” is a track, devoted to a girl, who was my friend, classmate and neighbour back in 1998, and who died because of medical error, and she stayed in my mind as a little girl of 11-12 years old. The tracks don’t have numeration, in the case of this album it’s for a listener to decide, which order he comsiders the best, furthermore, if you dislike any track you can throw it away as soon as you wish. I don’t think, it is a completed album, it is more like a compilation of different musical attempts.

Cover arts – by me and my Mom

Preview and download

Download the whole album at once

Лицензия Creative Commons

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