Tukuringra is a netlabel, which is run by me. The idea of creating my own label came to me, when I realized, that there is too much of my material, and it goes on accumulating. So, this label is intended for my own works, which could be released as soon as I am ready to do it. The idea of creating a label was also discovered at Webbed Hand Records site, at Submission Policy page. Thanks to Mr. McDill for his suggestion!

In this netlabel, Tukuringra (named after a mountain range in the North of Amur region, Russia) I post my releases, that belong to drone ambient sector.  Usually I try to write serene and radiant drones, though sometimes sullen or sad ones could be met.  See my previous releases on my official site:

Kirill Platonkin – official website

If you have any questions, feel free to use the e-mail below:

kplatonkin @ gmail.com

So, I wish you inspiration, enlightenment and good listen!

Yours, Kirill.

All downloads are free.

Лицензия Creative Commons

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  1. thanks for provide fantastic music !

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